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Eugeneans are united in our belief that preserving our natural environment in the form of public parks and open space is key to the remarkable quality of life we enjoy.  This belief is evidenced by Eugene voters passing, in landslide victories, over $70 million in operating levies, construction, and general obligation bonds in the past 12 years alone. 

As if that weren’t enough, for the past three years, Eugene residents have taken the time to offer their perspective on the questions of our long-term legacy of our natural environment and prioritizing limited resources. Over 12,000 individuals contributed their voices to this community engagement effort, resulting in a 30-year vision and system plan.

Eugene has been my home for thirty years. I raised my family here, started and ran a consulting firm, worked on campaigns, lent my voice to public processes like the one above, served on non-profit boards and government committees, attended graduate school, started and managed an internet company, which I liquidated in 2018. I then worked for the Sponsors Mentorship Program, where I advanced the professionalism of the program by writing and implementing a comprehensive outreach plan. My efforts resulted in a 25x increase in the number of mentor recruits and a 15x increase in the number of events and speaking opportunities. 

In May 2019 I was elected President of Southeast Neighbors Neighborhood Association (SEN). SEN is the largest neighborhood association contained wholly in Ward 2 with 13,500 residents, 5,918 households. Parks make up 15% of the land in Ward 2. Parks and Open Space are very important to this Ward. 

In June of 2019, as part of the 2018 bond measure, the Parks and Recreation Division hired a Resource Development Coordinator. The coordinator is successfully leveraging private funding through partnerships, fundraising, and capital campaigns.

A dedicated staff person raising private money to enhance public funding will certainly help. The long-term strategy for funding parks and recreation however is detailed in the attached Parks and Recreation 30-year System Plan. I support the System Plan, and the funding proposal. I’ve read it through many times. It’s a great example of our city staff’s skill and professionalism.

I am a great believer in the Parks and Recreation Division’s vision and mission. Parks and Recreation are one of the main reasons I stayed in Eugene to raise my family here! As your City Councilor, and a devoted user of our parks and recreation programs, you can count on me to advocate effectively for our open spaces and recreation programs.

Help Elect Kate Davidson – The Bold Voice For South Eugene!



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