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We are ‘Beat #4’ here in Ward 2. I’ve requested that the uniformed police patrolling Beat 4 – particularly at night, patrol on the darker streets around Tugman throughout their shift, in order to alleviate the thievery and break ins happening. I’ve heard from a few neighbors that it’s working.

In addition, the payroll tax that was just passed is going a long way toward hiring more staff at the EPD. 50 more uniform patrol officers are being hired this year.

I plan to hold a Town Hall in the Ward (or ask South East Neighbors if they would like to dedicate a General Meeting time) inviting our Beat #4 officers and Chief Skinner so Ward 2 residents can get to know the officers patrolling their community, and hear from Chief Skinner about his community policing ideas, which EPD is implementing.

Residents would also hear about the training that the Chief has instituted for policing toward mental health and addiction issues.

The Eugene Human rights Commission just came out with their report called: Persecution of the Unhoused: Fines and Jail Time for Having Nowhere Else to go in Eugene.

I look forward to being on Council and creating sound policy, based on the well-researched data and information in this report.

In a nutshell, I would provide leadership to:

  1. Require a complaint be made before a citation is issued
  2. Require an outreach worker to be the first responder rather than police when a complaint only involves a quality of life violation and there is no threat to public safety
  3. Expand the geographical boundaries of community court
  4. Limit the circumstances under which the city prosecutor can charge homeless people for committing quality of life laws

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