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I would be honored to receive your vote and honored to serve as your next City Councilor.

I am running for Eugene City Council because Ward 2 should be represented by a Councilor with strong progressive values who responds to the concerns of her constituents. I am that person.

I am an 18-year resident of Ward 2 who is invested here, unlike my opponent, who just moved into the ward in order to run for this seat.

The underpinnings of a progressive platform – and, by no accident, the foundation of my personal life and my campaign can be described by the acronym I coined: ITEA. The four legs of the table of good government:

ITEA: Inclusiveness. Transparency. Equity. Accountability.

I am a life-long Democrat and former chair of SE Neighbors. I’ve worked shoulder-to-shoulder with my neighbors saving our south hills forests, siting homeless shelters, organizing events, and currently saving our LTD service. I am the neighborhood candidate. I have stood and will always stand with my neighbors.

I am also the true progressive in this race, running a 100% grassroots all volunteer campaign by the people for the people. I’m endorsed by neighbors and local community leaders – people you know, who are your neighbors, people you respect and have lived near and have worked with, volunteered with, organized and picnicked with.

I am willing to stand up and speak out. If it requires ITEA, you can count on me to shed light.

I am the candidate in this race best positioned and most qualified to carry on Councilor Taylor’s legacy and the value of questioning institutions and the status quo. I, like Councilor Taylor, will take truly progressive stands beholden to nobody but the people.

I raised my children in the 4J school district, and volunteered in the schools. Right here in this ward. I managed a successful consulting firm. Right here in this Ward. I launched and managed a successful start-up. Right here in this ward. My professional successes include:

Our City Council requires bold, proven leadership and experience. I bring that. Vote for me and I will stand for you.

Councilor Taylor at Southeast Neighbors Annual Picnic 2019

Kate holds press conference confronting LTD plan to cut bus service to Ward 2

Kate and Friends
Kate, her family, and friends at Southeast Neighbors Picnic 2019

People who support Kate

  • Ron Bevirt, Co-Chair, South Hills Neighborhood Association
  • Sona Hodaie, M.P.A.; Civic Leader, Development Professional
  • David Hazen, Emerald Compassionate Action Network
  • Joy Marshall, Public Schools Advocate
  • Ronald T. Shaheen, PhD.; Neighbor
  • David Monk, Co-Chair Neighborhood Leaders Council, Member, Southeast Neighborhood Association
  • Heather Sielicki, Community Leader
  • Juan Carlos Valle, Community Leader
  • Margie James, Community Leader
  • Lawrence Taylor, Chair, DPO 1st Congressional Committee, Former Member DNC
  • Pete Knox, Co-Chair, Neighborhood Leaders Council, Chair, Downtown Neighborhood Association
  • Larry Soberman, Retired Principal, 4J School District
  • Morley Hegstrom, Principal, 4J School District
  • Charlie Tilt, Owner, Hummingbird Wholesale
  • Ariel Ruben, Chief Innovator Hummingbird Wholesale
  • Crystal Abrams, Regenerative Ecosystems and Pesticide Program Manager, Beyond Toxics
  • William L. Sullivan, Author
  • Sherri Theiben, Owner, Park Street Cafe
  • Pujita Mayeda, Outreach Coordinator, Community Supported Shelters
  • Robert Cerince, Homeless and Supportive Services Supervisor, Lane County Human Services Division
  • Larry Kaplowitz, Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss
  • Luna Marcus, Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss
  • Paul Biondi, Musician
  • Sandy Cutler, Board President, Nightingale Hosted Shelters
  • Rob Tobias, Musician
  • Anita Rojas, Midwife
  • Connie Manning, Barebones Dogwash
  • William Mueller, Retired LTD Planner
  • Lin Woodrich, Co-Chair, Active Bethel Citizens, ABC representative on the Neighborhood Leader’s Council, Organizer for the Kindness Campaign
  • Ian Winbrock, Whitaker Community Council (WCC) at-large board member and WCC representative on the Neighborhood Leader’s Council
  • Wayne Wilson, Vice-Chair, Churchill Area Neighbors, CAN representative on the Neighborhood Leader’s Council
  • Carol L. Scherer, Oregon National Democratic Delegate for Bernie Sanders 2016
  • Jeanne Ransome, Author
  • Keith and Kevin Sheldon-Young
  • Robert Hutchings
  • Dr. Terri Copperman
  • Deborah and Gary Braun, Braun Landscaping
  • John Baumann, Musician; Treasurer, Southeast Neighbors Neighborhood Association
  • Grace Kaplowitz, PPPM student
  • Jean Nelson, Yoga Instructor
  • Paul V. Howard, Retired Cartographer
  • Rich Glauber, Musician
  • Barb Hazen, Retired Physical Therapist
  • Timothy Duy, Professor of Practice, University of Oregon, Department of Economics
  • Kimberly Willis, Climate Law Fellow at Our Children’s Trust
  • Eben Fodor, Land Use Advocate, Fodor and Associates LLC
  • Matthew Rock, Bernie Sanders Delegate Congressional District 2 2016
  • Marianne Dugan, Senior Staff Attorney, Civil Liberties Defense Center
  • Beth Sheehan, Community Volunteer
  • See More Endorsements

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This is a lengthy article, Dear Reader. Thank you for reading it through. As your next City Councilor, I pledge to listen to your concerns, take action, and keep you informed. Just as I’m doing now. Just as I did as Chair of Southeast Neighbors; and just as I’ve been doing in a myriad of…

Help Elect Kate Davidson – The Bold Voice For South Eugene!



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