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The City of Eugene’s appeal of the LUBA decision wasn’t surprising given we have a long history of erring on the side of local government control. Many people in the Ward are concerned that HB1051 will create “upzoning” in single-family neighborhoods to allow two independent and potentially non-owner-occupied rental units on a lot.

They fear this could incentivize out of area, profit-seeking investors to exploit our neighborhoods, and could ultimately increase housing costs and reduce livability. As we review regulating STR’s to prohibit out of area investors of non-owner occupieds, we also need to disincentivize or regulate out of area investors capitalizing on HB 1051 and 2001 so that essential citing decisions remain in local control.

I support neighborhood owners and residents driving a public process to consider a variety of means to increase the affordability, types and density of housing while maintaining the neighborhood’s livability and unique character. The Jefferson Westside Neighbors have demonstrated how this can be done successfully and is a model we could adapt for the neighborhoods in Ward 2. I’ll be bringing on an intern from the U of O’s Graduate PPPM department starting in April to help me create a catalogue of buildable and shovel-ready land inventory specific to Ward 2.

As your next City Councilor for Ward 2, I’ll insist on neighborhood land use planning. Neighborhood land use, or Refinement Planning, looks at a neighborhood’s assets and discerns where and what kind of development would be fitting. Jefferson Westside Neighborhood has a good example of a Refinement Plan.

I would like to see the Neighborhood Associations in Ward 2 undertake a similar endeavor. I’ve spoken with the U of O’s PPPM Department. They see this work has intern potential. This would be a win win for students and Ward 2.

Ward 2 actually has a significant amount of low income and middle income housing within its boundaries. An additional 172 units of low-income housing has been approved – the Rest Haven Development on upper Willamette. In the past four years, Ward 2 has added 120 beds for the homeless.

Every ward needs to do its part. My position is it’s important to involve the people who live and are invested here in the process. I don’t believe upzoning R1 neighborhoods is the answer to our affordable housing shortage.

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