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Eugene has the second most constrained housing market in the country, second only to Seattle, Washington. The average local family spends more than 60% of its income on housing. A 67-hour work week is needed to afford a two-bedroom apartment. 42% of households in Eugene are struggling to meet basic needs. 23% of our residents live at poverty level.

What are some significant causes of our housing shortage?

Since the 1980s, the Federal Government has disinvested in human services and affordable housing. In addition to exclusionary zoning laws, Eugene has hefty system development charges and an outdated occupancy ordinance. Too, more and more people are moving to Eugene. Oregon was the second most popular moving destination in 2019.

How do we best address the demand for the variety of housing our growing population requires?

I believe Eugene is a city of inclusiveness. We strive for equity. When we look through this lens of inclusivity and equity, we can’t help but see common sense solutions. I will advocate for:

  • Walkable neighborhoods
  • Well-designed subsidized affordable housing development on transportation corridors
  • Simple construction/ADU templates
  • Diverse housing options using neighborhood opportunity siting
  • Multi-modal public transportation system

I see a wide range of housing options that support people of all ages, at all income levels. 

We Eugeneans value our environment. We strive for a strong and diverse economy. We have a culture of creativity, innovation, and inclusivity. We are a welcoming and kind community.

I moved here over thirty years ago, aligning with this culture and its values. It’s now more important than ever that we elect someone to the Eugene City Council who has the competence, wisdom, and heart it takes to lead with these core values ever front and center.

Written/copywrite by Kate Davidson: 1/5/2020

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