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Ward 2 Candidate not included in State Voter’s Pamphlet

BREAKING NEWS: Candidate for Ward 2 City Council race, Kate Davidson, was not included in the State Voter’s Pamphlet. See her candidate statement in your local Voter’s Pamphlet (p.19):…/540…/May-19-2020-Voters-Pamphlet.

Davidson is on the ballot. A vote for her is a vote for ITEA in government: Inclusion. Transparency. Equity. Accountability.

Candidate’s name was not included in the State Voter’s Pamphlet due to money in politics. The $700 required price tag for inclusion in a public election pamphlet is just one more example of the destructive force of money in politics and why we must separate them in order to have inclusive, fair, transparent elections.

The system is set up to exclude grassroots progressive 100% volunteer driven campaigns. There are barriers to entry scattered strategically throughout the election process. Davidson and her campaign have overcome most of those barriers.

In fact, hers is a vigorous, people-powered, people-centered campaign. The expectation is she will win.

It is important, however, people are aware of the barriers of favoritism and money, which, even at the local, neighborhood level, are influencing elections.

See Kate Davidson on your ballot, vote for her, and send a true progressive Democrat to City Council.

Help Elect Kate Davidson – The Bold Voice For South Eugene!



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